Sex With Parlour Beautician

Hi Love I am back with an episode of how my lover M seduced a beautician working in their beauty parlour, which was being run in the basement of the house. This young girl was 20 yrs old and engaged to be married soon. She was a 5’7″ tall girl and very beautiful, with very shapely long legs, small waist of only 22 inches but rounded bums and small but very shapely and upright breasts.

Those who have read my previous experiences will know me as an army officer’s wife who was being regularly fucked by my husband’s sister’s husband who was in merchant navy who I have called M. I have said that I am beautiful looking too and a lot of people have compared me to Priety Zinta. To say the the beautician (B from now on) was very beautiful is an understatement. She also had youth and some innocence to add to her beauty.

B came from a very conservative family and had been engaged at the age of 12. She had in the couple of years been out with her fiancee but as she told M later that they had only held each other, kissed and felt each other but had not gone any further as no opportunity was available and that had made her very frustrated and wanted to go much further.Well to come to the start M was in the kitchen drinking water when

B came in to make some tea for the customer in the parlour. She made some remark to which M said that he is going to beat her for being naughty. She replied that you don’t do anything and she is waiting for M to do something. At this M went close to her and put her arms around her waist and said don’t tease him or she will regret and she just smiled and wriggled out of his grasp.

At that time my sil came into the kitchen and both of them moved away without rousing any suspicion. While taking the tea down she gave a sly smile and a tongue poking out look at M who was sitting in the central hall. Later in the day M found her in the kitchen once again putting all the used cups and there was no one around. He slipped in and put his arms around B’s waist and gently put left palm on the right breast of B.

She put her hand on his hand and as M tried to remove his hand she forced him to leave it on her breast. This aroused M and he pulled her close to him and pushed his aroused pole into her back. She felt it and pushed her bums against his hardpole. He turned around and gave a gentle kiss on her lips and she responded with a warm moist kiss and held his lips between her lips. Then she pushed him away and ran down to the parlor.

The next few days they stole kisses and felt each other which was increasing the sexual tension between them but again they could not find an opportunity to go any further as my SIL used to be around the house. Then after about a month my mother in law fell ill and so my SIL decided to stay in the hospital with her mother. She was admitted into the ICU.

M would go in the morning and evening to let his wife come home and change and freshen up and then come back home. Next few days went into setting a routine and all were worried about MIL’s health. Then after about 3 days M had just returned from the hospital and was sitting in the central hall reading the news paper when B came and sat opposite him wearing a short skirt and a tight T-shirt.

She asked about Aunty’s health and made some small talk and then picked up a magazine and started to read. Both were very conscious of each other but were hesitant about how to proceed and were nervous to find each other alone in the house. My MIL’s condition was also playing heavy on the atmosphere. After a few minutes B got up and went down to the parlour and returned back immediately and sat in front of M.

M looked up from his paper to glance at B and found that she had the magazine in front of her face but her ankles were locked and her knees were spread a little giving a glimpse of her panty, or so he thought. The panties seemed skin colored and he was not sure if she was wearing one or not. She realized that he was staring at her and moved forward and spread her knees a little more.

M then suddenly realized that she was not wearing any panty and he was looking at her hairless pussy with a small inner lips sneaking out between her swollen outer lips of the pussy. He immediately felt a tension build between his legs and his pole coming alive.He got up and went up to her and put his hand on her shoulder. She immediately got up and gave him a tight hug.

All hesitation between the two just melt away and all these days of flirting with each other took over and they started kissing each other passionately. He took her into the guest bedroom and urgently started removing her clothes her T shirt and bra came off in a flash and he put his lips to kiss those small but swollen breasts and after kissing them all over he took her nipples in his mouth and a small moan of pleasure escaped from her throat.

While he was sucking her breast and nipples she was holding his head with one hand and with other slipped out of her skirt. She then pushed him away from her and went & lay down on her back in the middle of the bed. Her legs were inter crossed and her hand was lying on her stomach.This happened so fast that he did not realize what had happened and seeing her lying like that he could not hold himself any further.

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