Incested Family

My eyes were closed and the dream-like film still moved before my eyes. I was lying naked and a woman’s naked body was lying on mine, my cock erect. I could hold it no longer and I entered her wet pussy. Her huge tits mashed into my chest and I cupped her big ass cheeks as I shot my cum in her pussy. Then the face of the woman appeared before my eyes. OHHHHH God, it was none other than Priya, my own sister, my own real older sister . I opened my eyes. The room was empty. I was in my bed, alone and it was 11 am. The AC was o adn I was lying naked.

I looked every where but there was no one. It must be a dream, an incestuos dream, my mind told me but my cock was wet with some cunt juice. I touched my cock and smelt it, it was cunt juice all right. There was no one in bathroom. kitchen, nowhere. Mom was away to Haridwar, my younger sister Anushka was in hostel in Simla. Priya must be in the office of Sumitra Finance, named after my mother. In fact my parents divorced when I was 4 years old, my older sister Priya was 7 years and Anushka was 2 years. Dad took me with him to the USA. Now I am 18 and am back to India as my dad dies a week ago. He told me to go back to mom who lived in Delhi thogh our native village is in Punjab.

My mom is now 41years but looks nice and hot. Priya is 5 feet 7 inches tall and a little heavy. She has figure of 36-28-38, very fair, large black eyes, thick lips and a well muscled thighs and ass. She had falled in love with a guy who dumped her.

Last night I was at a party with Priya didi and her ex lover taunted her and she hit him and the bastard took out a knife. I came between them and I punched him on the face when his companion stabbed me in the shoulder. We left the party with me bleeding. Priya didi drove home in silence. It was so late that I could not get a doctor to bandage my shoulder which bled profusely. In my room, my sister took off my clothes and dressed my wound. Her soft hands tickled my chest and her hot breath made my body hot sexually. Iout my arms round her and her big tits dug into my naked chest. My sister gasped for breath as her finger tips brushed my nipples. I held her face in my hands. My sister clung to me.

After she put me to bed, I fell asleep. Some time later, the light turned on and someone entered my bed. Before I could respond to the situation, naked female body covered me. I was too drunk and weak to protest. What followed was unimaginable. My encounter with my sister made her lose control and she clung to me. I did not intend but it did happen. My last night act was an unpardonable act of incest. But strangely enough, I felt no remorse. My Priya did must be in office and I wanted to know what had passed between me and Priya.

Priya always wore black business suit in office with a grey neck-tie and a white shirt. She wore her hair straight back in a ponytail. Her huge tits struggled to break te buttons of her shirt. I had often seen her dressed like that and I had felt a sinful hardon in my pants. I saw the receptionist who smiled at me,” Mr. Ashish, are you looking for Priya? She is in her office. She has instructed to send you in straight. You may go in, please,” So, my dear sister was expecting me. Priya did was expecting me after I, her own brother had made love to her, had actually fucked her ripe body.

Priya sat in her office alone, her neck-tie loose, revealing her ample boobs from under the thin fabric of her shirt. My heart skipped a beat as she smiled at me sexily.” Hi Bhaiya, how are you feeling now? Are you better now? I was worried about last night, you know” She had addressed me as Bhaiya, for the first time which was not a good sign for me, if I had to lay her. But she hugged me as I went in. It was a tight and passionate hug, a full blooded lovers’ hug. I let my hands travel her back and rest on her buttocks a little longer. She smiled,” It should not happen again. It was wrong.” I stared at her.” Yes, I could get pregnant with your seed in my womb through my cunt. I cant afford that. If we have to do it, you must wear condom. We cant do it in a regular way without using precautions,” Priya did smiled and so did I. My sexy Priya did was offering me her sexy body. But I wanted her permanently to be mine.

“I want this to last forever, Priya did.” I spoke with clear conviction.

“What do you mean, Ashu darling? What do you want to go on forever? To keep fucking your sister forever? What about a woman you will marry and have kids from? You have to have your family too.” Priya asked directly.

I brought my forehead to hers, kissing her thick lips. ” Didi, I want you forever, because I want you as my wife, not as a secret lover to commit sin of incest. I want to be your man, your husband. You will belong to me alone. So far I ma concerned, I dot want any other woman in my life. Will you accept me as your husband? I dont care what this world think of our relation. We wont let this world know about it. No one knows about our relation here in India and nobody ought to know about it. If you agree, I will be the luckiest man on this earth.”

Priya let my words sink in her heart and then lifted her mouth to mine, going for a lengthy kiss. It was a delicious motions of our sensuous lips and tongues.

” It is not lust alone, dear sister, you are my love. I want to make you pregnant.I know it sounds weird, and all of this is new for us, but…I want you as my wife……If we fuck and there is nothing beyond physical relationship, then it is incest…..sin ” I tried to explain.

“What, do you mean? Tell me how your fucking me is different from ordinary fucking?” She asked holding me close to her warm body.

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