Ask Anjali – Where is the G-Spot?

rahul Says:

Hi ur a quickly generous telling all the answers for the sex knowledge . I wanna know where is g spot ?

Aunty Anjali says:

Hi Rahul. Thanks for writing in. The G-Spot is found on two different places depending if you are a man or woman. Since you didn’t specify which you wanted to know I will tell you about both. First the man G-Spot is located in his anus. Some men enjoy masturbating while touching their G-spot for maximum orgasm. The woman’s G-Spot is located inside her vagina is a bit harder to locate. If you are playing with your partners pussy and you want to find it simply slide two fingers in and make a curling motion. You will soon feel a spongy type area and it will feel a little different then the rest of her pussy. If you play with it long enough it will give her a great big orgasm. You should try to play with it and see how you do. Some women will tell you that when they are being touched in the G-spot that it feels like they need to pee, this is also a good way to know you are in the right spot. When you do find it and you give her a G-Spot orgasm she will thank you forever and you will never forget it.


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